Jim Johnson - Vocals and Bass




Jim hails from Minneapolis where he developed passions for ice hockey, jazz and all things Minnesota.  He played in the All State Jazz Band on both piano and trumpet, but his true musical passion was playing and composing around the "Minneapolis Sound" made popular by Prince and Jimmy Jam.  His musical interests led him to the University of Miami music school (like Berklee but with a better football team).  Sometime in his 30s he learned to play bass, started singing and generally transformed himself into the charismatic front-man he is today.  He targets his musical imagination into creating innovative arrangements and mash-ups of popular songs from the last five decades and is the primary force behind the unique covers for which the Meanees are so well known. Combining his groovy bass lines with a powerful vocal range, Jim was born to be the lead singer of a band.

Other lesser known facts about Jim:

  • Name of his bands in high school: Intensity, Devastation
  • Worst gig ever: Dressing in full renaissance attire and playing fanfare trumpet for a FL retirement community's bingo night
  • Songs I refuse to play: Jenny (867-5309)