Bob Haws - Guitar



As much as he blows minds playing guitar, it isn't Bob's primary instrument.  His true love is the piano, which he continues to study at a high level.  When he isn't blasting eardrums with the Meanees, he is delighting audiences (mostly his wife) with the challenging compositions of Chopin and Bach.  As a way to mellow out from the stresses of classical music and managing his team of actuaries, Bob rips into classic 70's guitar riffs in his relentless pursuit of finding a song that can't be transformed into ending like "Free Bird".  Bob has had a few "E-Bay accidents" in his quest for the perfect guitar, but the audience will certainly agree it’s all worth it when he picks up one his axes and starts shredding.

Other lesser known facts about Bob:

Name of band in college: The Bobby Weinstein Band (he had the longest hair and wore clogs) - our signature song was - wait for it - "free bird"
Songs that inspired him to play in a band: Good Morning Little School Girl by Johnny Winter, Summertime Blues by Blue Cheer, and, Inside Looking Out by Grand Funk Railroad